Blooket (2)

Blooket is a captivating educational platform that merges the thrill of gaming with the benefits of learning. It provides a unique way for teachers to host educational games and for students to participate in them, making learning an enjoyable experience. This guide delves into how to join games, host your own sessions, and utilize Blooket’s features to maximize educational benefits.

Setting Up Your Blooket Experience

Creating an Account and Logging In

  1. Signing Up: Visit the Blooket website at Blooket and click on “Sign Up” to register. You can use an email address or a Google account to create a profile.
  2. Logging In: Return to Blooket anytime by clicking “Login” and entering your credentials to access your personal dashboard.

Navigating the Dashboard

Your Blooket dashboard is the control center for your activities. Here, you can:

How to Join a Blooket Game

Entering a Game

Joining a game in Blooket is straightforward:

  1. Game Code: Obtain a game code from the session’s host.
  2. Home Page Entry: Enter the game code in the designated field on the Blooket homepage and proceed to enter your nickname or log into your account.

Participating in Blooket Games

Understanding Game Modes

Blooket features a variety of game modes, each providing different challenges and ways to engage with educational content:

Playing the Game

After joining, answer questions correctly to score points or achieve the specific game mode’s objectives, such as accumulating wealth or surviving against competitors.

Hosting Games on Blooket

Setting Up Your Game

  1. Game Creation: Click ‘Create’ on your dashboard and choose a question set or design your own.
  2. Configure Settings: Select a game mode and adjust settings like question timers and session length.

Initiating the Game

Once your game is ready:

  1. Distribute Game Code: Share the unique game code with your participants.
  2. Manage Session: Start the game through the dashboard and monitor player progress in real time.

Game IDs and Codes

Each game you create or join in Blooket has a unique identifier:

Additional Features

Blooket Bots

Enhance game sessions by adding Blooket bots, which simulate real players to fill games or test gameplay dynamics.

Branding and Customization

While the Blooket logo is a staple and non-customizable element of the platform, you can often customize aspects of the game itself, such as the questions and game settings.


Blooket offers a dynamic platform that enhances learning through interactive games, making education both fun and effective. By learning to join, play, and host games, as well as taking advantage of advanced features, educators and students alike can fully utilize Blooket to enrich the educational process. Whether you are integrating Blooket into classroom activities or using it for home study, it promises a robust educational tool that engages users in memorable learning experiences.